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2019 annual general meeting

21 November 2019

The Mint
10 Macquarie Street 
Sydney NSW 2000

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Share registery

A2B's share register is managed by
Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South NSW 1235

T+61 1300 554 474 (toll free within Australia)

Key dates

FY19 half year results   
26 February 2019

Record date for interim dividend
29 March 2019

Payment date for interim dividend
30 April 2019

FY19 full year results    
27 August 2019

Record date for final dividend
27 September 2019

Payment date for final dividend       
31 October 2019

2019 annual general meeting
21 November 2019

Investor and analyst briefings

FY19 full year results 27 August 2019 
FY20 half year results February 2020

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